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  • Solar Nitrochemicals Limited
    Shaping Industries Worldwide
    with Industrial Explosives
    and Blasting Solutions
  • Transforming Global Industries
    through Cutting-Edge Industrial
    Explosives and Blasting Solutions

Solar Group – Globally recognised Industrial Explosives manufacturer

The Solar Group embarked on its journey in 1995, establishing a single production plant near Nagpur in Central India. With an initial annual capacity of 6000 mt, the company later went public with its IPO in 2006, leading to the expansion of its capacities across India. This impressive growth can be attributed to the visionary leadership of Mr. Satyanarayan Nandlalji Nuwal, the Chairman of Solar Group. As the Indian government opened up the defence sector to promote self-reliance, Solar Group aligned its vision with the nation's goal of nation-building.

Today, Solar Group stands as a prominent manufacturer of industrial explosives, accessories, ammunition, and propellants. It holds the distinction of being the largest exporter of industrial explosives and accessories in the country. With exports to over 75 countries, the group operates 10 manufacturing units in 8 different countries. Its wide range of products finds application in mining, quarrying, construction, infrastructure projects, seismic exploration, and underwater blasting. To meet the growing demand, Solar Group produced close to half a million explosives in the last financial year. These sectors are effectively served through its flagship company, Solar Industries India Ltd, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Economic Explosives Ltd, and Solar Overseas Mauritius Ltd.

Solar Group has consistently prioritized safety, quality, and reliability as the cornerstones of its work ethic. The company has remained at the forefront of technology assimilation, constantly striving for innovation and improvement.


To emerge as a global leader in the manufacturing of industrial and military explosives and an innovative solution provider with a focus on safety, quality and reliability.


To provide innovative technology and services through Research and Development.
To contain product and service costs through constant re-engineering and improvement in all business processes.

To ensure high quality delivery of services offering exemplary technical, safety, administrative and professional excellence with commitment to environmental safeguards.

To forge and nurture alliances that are complimentary to the Company’s global ambitions. To retain our responsive, efficient and effective processes and services to realise our vision at all times.

Our Journey Of Iconic Milestones

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