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Solar Nitro Chemicals Limited : Delivering Comprehensive Blasting Solutions

Solar Nitro Chemicals Limited was incorporated on January 9th, 2008 as a limited company under the Tanzania Companies Act 2002. It serves as a subsidiary of Solar Industries India Limited (SIIL), the largest manufacturer and exporter of explosives in India. The formation of SNCL is driven by the objective of manufacturing and selling explosives and related products to meet the local mining demands in Tanzania.

The establishment of Solar Nitro Chemicals Ltd. was facilitated by Solar Industries Africa Ltd. and Ortin Investment Ltd., who played a key role in setting up the business operations, including the manufacture and supply of industrial (commercial) explosives, trading in ammonium nitrate, packaged explosives, and explosives accessories.


Solar Nitro Chemicals Limited specializes in the manufacture and delivery of bulk emulsion explosives, ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil), Electric and non-electric detonators. Our company provides comprehensive mining services, including the supply and delivery of explosives products to various mines in Tanzania. In addition, we engage in trading activities involving ammonium nitrate, packaged explosives, and accessories.

As a subsidiary of Solar Industries India Limited, the largest explosive manufacturer in India, we benefit from their extensive expertise and technological support in manufacturing the state-of-the-art cartridge explosives. Our commitment is to deliver superior products and services to the mining industry while adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Product Applications

  • Open pit mines
  • Underground mines
  • Tunnel Projects



  • Construction Projects
  • Special Application of Explosives


Product Range

  • Bulk Explosives to be primarily used in large open cast mines 
  • Cartridge Explosives for underground mines, small open cast mines and infrastructure projects.
  • ANFO that is widely used as explosive in coal mining, quarrying, metal mining and civil construction.
  • Electric & Non-Electric Detonator initiating explosives for initiation of Explosives. 
  • Trading of Ammonium Nitrate, which is the key raw material in manufacturing of explosives.
  • Solar Bulk Emulsion
  • Superpower 90 Cartridges
  • Solar ANFO
  • Solar Cast Boosters
  • Non Electric Detonators


  • Solar Detonating Cords
  • Electric Detonators
  • Detonating Fuse
  • Plain Detonators
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