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Solar ANFO

ANFO, trade name SOLARANFO, is a granular explosive obtained by mixing Ammonium Nitrate and Diesel Oil at factory environment. The most important factor for ANFO to be in its desired properties is its’ raw material’s suitability for ANFO production in terms of technical specifications.

SOLARANFO is not a cap sensitive explosive. It has to be initiated with a cap sensitive SUPERPOWER 90 emulsion explosive for detonation. 

SOLARANFO is not recommended to be used in watery holes as it is not a water-resistant explosive. It could either be used in dry holes by itself or it could also be used at less watery or wet holes after the water level is passed with emulsion explosives.

SOLARANFO is generally used at medium to large diameter blasting holes. It is recommended to use the product in 2,0 inch (51 mm) or larger diameters.

SOLARANFO is used as main explosive through bottom and column charges. Its free-flowing granular form allows an easy hole charging in vertical hole applications as well.


Field of Use

In open pit blasting,

In production and stripping operations in surface coal mining,

In production and stripping operations in surface metal mining,

In blasting operations in quarries,

In open excavations in dam and highway works,

In cement and limestone quarries raw material mines,

In special blasting applications.



Provides high work safety,

Higher insensitivity to the friction and shock,


Easy to carry. Easy charging of vertical holes,

Provides better fragmentation

Technical Data Sheet is available on request (TDS)

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